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how did you decide on your username


As a kid I loved physics, and was completely obsessed with how cool potential vs. kinetic energy was. Then it was my email address, AIM, Flickr username, etc. So it just stuck as a handle I used on reef forums too.


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I was wondering how ppl came up with their user names

Mine is what i was refereed to for years before starting a reef tank, during my days as a Rapper, DJ and Producer.

Follow up question, is it weird for you to be called that name in public or at events?

Since I was known as Roc for years, its actually common for ppl to call me that.
Easy.. my name lol...


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graduating art major and my art building is called washburn, so i took off the W and that became my nick, which I use everywhere else, 2k is added when someone took ashburn. but no dont call me ashburn, and no one calls me by that in real life.


JVU are (sort of) my initials. Lots of friends and coworkers call me JVU, I think mostly because "John" is too common :)

The extra " ." after the JVU was just because the system wouldn't let me use less than a 5-letter name which I thought was odd since I swear I've seen other users with short usernames. I use JVU on other sites like R2R and RC. If a site admin can change it, that would be great.