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I Wanna Sex You Up Mycedium

Need more info. First guess would be too much light. Show us a pic of it?

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The borders are very pale, and has a month that I dont see growth.

It's under kessial a360 (10in up). It tops at 70%

Whith some lightroom help.. that's exactly who it look in the tank now:
@enaldy Sure that's the mycedium? Eyes look much different than mine and some of the other photos, mine are much further apart, especially near the growth edge. That totally looks like my ORA blue echinopora chalice.
I agree. I didn't notice that when I first looked at it. Does look like the blue chalice. Does not have the right eyes for wanna sex you up. I may have given him both. Can't remember.
Not sure now.. That day @Coral reefer gave me the Tubs Blue zoas, Aqua exotic blue w/ red rimmed Yellow eyes (dead), a war-coral (also dead), and the one in question here.
So I guess I don't have the "I Wanna Sex You Up Mycedium" after all.. lol :):):)

And it does look like the ORA Blue @MolaMola
Overdue update - will add photo in the coming week. This coral has continued growing, I have cut it around the edge at least twice and it has grown back perfectly. Sometimes it has an inflated water bubble under the tissue, sometimes not. It paled a year ago due to water chemistry changes, then bleached out last spring when I messed with the lighting. I am pleased to report it is coloring back up nicely.