IM EXT 200 Peninsula Aquarium w∕ APS Stand - White


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Well I just ordered this baby, 200 Gallons Peninsula Aquarium from innovative marine.
Bought some PVC pipes to mockup what it will look like .

It took me a really long 5 minutes to make up my mind and a very short 12 months to convince my wife

IM says delivery 14-16 weeks so I have time in front of me to add more electric outlet, figure out a path for pipes between my garage and where the tank will sit, the rock scapping , shop for a sump etc.
anyone has this tank ?

WhatWebsitePriceOrder DateDelivery Date
Int 200 peninsula w/ APS white standInnovative Marine$3,785.31 ( with delivery )10/23/2022
Synergy Reef SK-44Synergyreef$1,485.5210/31/202212/08/2022
Return Pump ( unknown yet )
2x mp40s ( will take them from my RSR350 )
Skimmer RSK300 ( will reuse the one from my RSR 350 for now )
3 XR30s gen6 ( I currently have 2 XR30 gen5 I will need to upgrade + 1 to buy, will wait for sales )
UV - 40 Watt Classic UV Sterilizer - White Body - Aqua UltravioletBRS$577
Reactor Aquaxmaxx x2BRS$89x2= $17810/31/202211/03/2022
Reef float water change AWC106BReefloat$49810/31/2022
Reefbot Labreef kinetics$1,22810/30/202211/04/2022
heater ?
SK5000 gen3 Clarisea ( waiting for sales )
Mixing Station
Suncast Shed ( I am limited by 2' deep )Amazon$23011/01/2022
RODI Tank to put in the shed
Icecap RODI Smart


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Not a 200, but I have a 168 peninsula that could be worth checking out. Feel free to stop by anytime in Sunnyvale, or you can read my journal.
Exciting! I am doing a 6ft peninsula for my next tank and I'm really torn between this IM setup and a build from Crystal Dynamic. Very interested in your impressions when it finally arrives!

I'm paranoid that my red sea 525xl is going to bust a seam one of these days...
I mean , what’s less expensive , a new tank or redo the whole floor and fix water damage ?
Getting a new tank is the smart and financially responsible decision to make , and IM is having a 40% sale. ;)

lot of photos !
Awesome! Thank you. I wonder how long they are running this sale - sent them an email. Maybe I'll be doing one of these builds too. Timing would be about right.
Here's their response:

Hello Derek,

Our Made-to-Order program has a wait time of 12-16 weeks.
Because these aquariums are made to order with an extended wait time, we are able to offer a 40% discount with 3 Year Standard Warranty.
Since they are made to order, once the orders are placed, we are unable to offer cancellations, returns, or refunds.
The sale is currently ongoing but is subject to change without notice.

Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for your time.

Have you decided on a sump, @Beanju ?
I just set up an IM75 EXT and one thing not so great about the stand is there’s really no way to mount a strap for the pipes to add support. You could just glue wood blocks or use some self drilling sheet metal screws, but I didn’t want to ruin the stand, so I came up with this.

I supported a couple wood blocks with the tension cams that IM sells for supporting shelves and routing out some 2x4 blocks to fit the tension cam in to hold the block in place. I’m sure you could have accomplished something similar with t-bolts and nuts, but I used the cams because I had some on hand.