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Iridescence in Clownfish


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I don't follow fish breeding, but this bit from the folks at Coral Magazine caught my eye:

Screen Shot 2019-10-05 at 9.34.38 AM.png


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That’s so beautiful! I need to get rid of my maroon clowns eventually and get a pair of these or storm clowns


wait, are we being sarcastic or is my taste for a beautiful clown really far off? that looks scary.


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To each their own. I think it looks great. If I was in the market for another clown, I'd definitely get one of these.


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I’ve always been a purest when it comes to clowns. Maybe the black and white ones too.


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I’m not a purist in the sense that the original is better because it’s the original. But I haven’t seen many if any designer clowns that I thought looked as good as the normal colorations. This one definitely included.


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So they've been trying to breed the blue in clowns for awhile now. It was first discovered a few years back by one of the breeders but was not consistent. A lot of this has to do with yield designer clowns.

if you look at most the clowns (occs and maroons, at least) closely, they all have a hint of blue... just a matter of bringing it out more apparently.
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