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Featured May '24 POTM Contest - Moody/B&W


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Congrats to the previous month's winner, @Darkxerox with their amazing rainbow inspired image!
004_Apr24_POTM  (Darkxerox).jpg

Contest Details:
  • Submit your best moody or B&W image. Get creative and have fun. Is it when natural sun hits a coral a certain way? Maybe it is a gloomy moonlight mood before the lights go out? Point is to capture a mood. You could even make it a moody image by making it black and white inspired.
  • Submit your pic to me via DM
You can win up to three times a year.
If you win three times, you can no longer submit photos for the rest of the year.

This month's prize package includes:
$50 LFS credit to one of our partner stores (Cali Kid, High Tide Aquatics, or Neptune Aquatics)

Open to Supporting Members Only
Theme: Moody/Black & White

DM photo to @ReyDeFarts
Voting open to all forum members & guests
You can vote for more than one photo
Entries accepted until May 23rd at 11:59pm
Entries posted & voting starts May 24th
Voting ends May 31st at 11:59pm
The winner is determined by the most votes
Winner announced June 1st
So just a heads up...I have a total of 3 entries thus far. Kind of a bummer honestly. I know this month's theme was a little tougher. Get your cameras or phones out. Play with your light settings. Try different angles. Get creative and submit a picture ASAP!
To me, much of this hobby is creating something that is colorful and visually impressive. To frame something like that in a "moody/B&W" way is kind of hard - not your fault with organizing the contest, it's just a harder-than-usual prompt :)
Just a suggestion, you can filter out colors with your phone camera apps editing options. Works on Android for sure, my wife's I phone can do the same and alot more. No photo shop or advanced skills required.

Definitely easier than trying to actually take a b&w photo
If I were to do a b&w reef tank shot, it would be of something creepy. Like someone lurking waiting for his next meal. Or for a clownfish, waiting for you to stick your hand in so she can bite it. Invertebrates are also great creepers

*not a contest entry