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Members only frag swap 10/11/20 12-3


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@toutou2469 :

“Tim Obert of seven stills will be hosting a frag swap on Sunday 10/11/20 from 12-3. Supporting members only. There will be a bunch of safety precautions (masks mandatory and temp checks) and swap details posted here in a bit. Right now just wanted to get the date and time posted.
Adress is 100 hooper, San Francisco.
Pre registration will be required, and attendance will be limited. Please only preregister if you know you can and will attend. Attendance will be free.”
Thank you Mario

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Really stoked to host something and to show off the tank at 100 Hooper!

We are going to take over the entire court yard at Hooper for the waiting portion of the swap. Each rsvp will be given a table number and assigned a group number. The plan is to let six into our warehouse at a time to select their coral and then to return to their tables before the next group goes in. Masks will be required at all times unless you are eating or drinking, but definitely while in the swap area.

We will have sanitizer stations everywhere and will encourage the use of disposable gloves when entering to select a coral. I should have plenty of gloves we can use.

If you are feeling sick at all before the swap, please do not come. There will be more in the future.

We have very strict protocols in place for all of our employees including changing out of street clothes prior to starting work and wearing masks and gloves at all times. The warehouse is separate from the space these employees work so there will be no crossing with employees, and the section will be totally separated from our customers that day to avoid cross contamination.

More details to come but we are incredibly serious about safety and preventing the spread of the virus at our business and will have additional precautions in place that we will fill you all in on prior to the event.

Rules aside, so stoked to host this! Tanks have been thriving during quarantine and excited to share!

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I atill have to pay you a visit. I'd volunteer for the event but goi g on a little road trip with my family; supposedly "bison tipping"


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I am still thinking about preregistration. Maybe just post here and pm me for now saying you are coming.
Maybe a simple Google forms.. at our church we are using it provides a free signup process as well and the account is also free.

Just a couple ideas [emoji16]

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I've read a few posts about "frag eligibility" for the frag swap.
Can someone please elaborate on what the eligibility criteria is?

I am only 4 months into the hobby, so I don't have anything to bring to the swap, but would love to meet everyone there :)


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I am still new to this hobby, as the coral frags I have to offer are just very common Pandora Zoa, Kenya trees, Xenia and GSP. Should I bother to bring them? I got a feeling most don't want them because they are viewed as pest corals. Haha

Another thing I can offer are few bottles of the Self-Cultived dark green Phytoplanket. Uses miracle grow and Kent's essential Fertilizer.
Will anyone be interested in that? I can bring it give them out during the event.


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