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My 130G Tank 6 feet long


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Here are some images with my saltwater tank.
I bought the tank from somebody on craigslist on September 2018.
- 130 G tank
- 3 power heads
- Jabeo adjustable pump
- Skimz Skimmer
- 30 G sump with bio balls, rock and chaeto algae
- 2 LED lights
- 1 yellow tang
- 2 clowns
- 3 chromise
- 1 fire fish
- 1 red flamehwak fish
- 1 blue spotted gobby
- 1 bicolor blenny
- 1 blue and yellow damsel
- 1 coral beauty
- 1 Banggai cardinalfish

It took a while but now I have corals that are doing really nice in the big tank.

I will add some text as well once I have more time.
Here is a video:

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New pictures with my corals from the tank. On blue color looks better but is harder to take pictures I think

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Well you guys missed my tank this time for the tank tour 2020 so here are some pictures from my tank.

Update tank 1.12.2020

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Here is an updated version of my tank. I added 2 videos 1 with all the lights and one on blue only.

All lights video:

All blue video:

Here are some of the livestock that I have:
1 pair Clown Fish, Yellow Tang, Blue Spotted Goby, Bicolor Blenny, 2 Blue-green chromis, Flame hawkfish, Blue and yellow Damsel, Six line wrasse, Coral Beauty, Cardianl

Hermit Crabs, Nassarius snail, 1 Emerald Crab, 1 Trochus Snail

For corals I have:
: 4 Fiery Rose bubble tip, 2 bubble tip ananomes,
Numerous types of zoas: Bam Bam, WWC Purple Monster, Vampiric, Red People Eaters Zoanthid, Utter Chaos, Sunny D, Gatorgate, Pink Dimond, Eagle Eye, Green Implosion, Sonic Flare, Vampire Blodlust, Nuclear Green, Purple Death, Horizons, Pandora
Mushrooms: Neon green, Bright Red Mushroom, Green Ricordia - I think,
Blastomussa: Wellsi (Super Red), Merletti, Purple and Green
Montis: Mystic, La Lakers, Tropic thunder, Green, Jack O Lantern Leptoseris,
Chalice: Red stop sign, Space invader
Favias: Blue and red war coral, Christmas - Jelly bean, Favites Pentagona, War Coral
Acan: Rose, Red, Green and Lobophyllia
Hammer: Green, Purple, Bi-color Purple/Green
Soft: Neon Green Nephtea, Pulsating Sinulara, Purple Gorgonia, Brown and Green Toadstool
Green Candy Cane, Duncans Meteor shower cyphastrya
Green Avelopora, Holywood Stunner, Green Star Pulyps, Green and Purple stylophora
Forest Green Psammocora and Branching Green Psammocora

I think I might have some issues with the name of a few corals and I did not list them here because I don't know the names

Not sure why but the bubble gum digitatas are not doing that well, not sure if is cuz of some issues I had before or not. Everything else I think is doing alright since I placed everything in my main tank.

Corals that I have for ppl in need are: Neon Green Mushroom (4 frags), Red Mushroom (3 frags), Pink Gorgonia (can make like 4 if we cut it) and {Pulsating Sinulara (2 or 3 frags), Pandora Zoa (2 or 3 frags) and another purple plated coral (4 frags not sure the name) if you bring something to cut it}.
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Guy's, I don't know what to do anymore, I'm keep checking my fishtank all the time, specially cuz is with me in my room, right by my desk where, I spend most of my time... Is this normal :) I like it so much...

Here are some recent pictures that I just took.

I appreciate everybody that helped me out to get so far and gave me corals!