My 75 Gallons Tank Has Some Fishes In


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Check out the beginning of my reef tank.
So far I got a few fishes. Working on getting some corals in after quarantine.

So far I had 9 fishes that died on me because, I got 4 of them from 6th avenue aquarium.... that ware sick. And I had all the fishes on a quarantine tank. I used medication but it did not help...

The fishes that you will see in the tank are from a saltwater tank that I bought.
Here is the video:


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I love angelfish. One of my first tanks had juvenile Blue Face and juvenile Emperor Angel. I watched both of them change to adults before I sold them and converted to a reef tank. If I were to do a fish only tank, I would try angels again. Be careful adding corals and keep an eye on the angel because there is a chance the angel will nip at corals.


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That angel fish was in a tank that had tourches, zoantis, Frogspawn and some other flowers that I don't know the name and it did not eate them. Right now the corals are in quarantine tank because they had hair alleges. And now I want to get rid of them before I will put them on my main system.


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Cool! My "reef tank" is mostly a "fish tank" now, due to fish poop keeping nitrates high.

I might sneak in a file fish to eat up my aiptasia, or a klein butterfly.