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November photo of the month winner: Invictus!


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It's the season to be thankful, let's see your best fall or Thanksgiving themed photos of your tank or its inhabitants!

a turkeyfish aka Pterois volitans (get it?)​

  • Post your best reefing photo from this month in this thread
  • The winner will have the most "reactions" e.g. likes on their post as of 12/1 11:59 PM Pacific time.
  • You can react (like/vote) to more than one photo
  • Open to supporting members only
  • One entry per month
  • Guests and BOD members may vote or post a photo, but can't win
  • The winner will receive $50 in store credit or gift card to one of our LFS partners chosen by the BOD
  • Each winner can only win once every 6 calendar months (e.g. if you win in January then you're eligible again in July). @Canadrian and @RandyC @MolaMola are past winners that can't win but can still post for fun!
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