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October Photo of the Month: MolaMola!


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It's spooky season, let's see your best October themed photos of your tank or its inhabitants!


  • Post your best reefing photo from this month in this thread
  • The winner will have the most "reactions" e.g. likes on their post as of 11/8 11:59 PM Pacific time (I posted late so it will run an extra week).
  • You can react (like/vote) to more than one photo
  • Open to supporting members only
  • One entry per month
  • Guests and BOD members may vote or post a photo, but can't win
  • The winner will receive $50 in store credit or gift card to one of our LFS partners chosen by the BOD
  • Each winner can only win once every 6 calendar months (e.g. if you win in January then you're eligible again in July). @Canadrian and @RandyC are past winners that can't win but can still post for fun!
Starting things off with a week of shots of our classroom costumed crab whose favorite holiday is obviously Halloween. (Not particularly proud of the cyanowear.) He has also worn a shroom, rubber band stolen from frag mount, green nephthea, shrimp molt, small random flow generator, cabbage coral, and a feather duster worm who was not amused.
My conches, yes they get under the rack and would push frags out. This tiger tail slug, no. He's a sifter and scavenger and he worked magic when I had a sand bed. Still working on his new abode.
Oh wow, somehow I completely missed the giant slug and was talking about the conch on the rack. @RandyC had a neat trick of putting rubber bands on the bottom of the plugs so that they could not unintentionally be pushed up by inverts. Worth doing for anything valuable that you don't want knocked over.