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Ofzakaria bubble gum digi

Well this is your typical bubble gum digi.

Will give it couple days to heal then will have them available.
Am gonna follow the program rules so:

- must be supporting member

- grow out the coral you receive, frag it when larger enough, and distribute AT LEAST 2 frags as large or larger than what you got to other members before you trade it or swap it.

- Must have a tank journal to show your system can sustain sps.

- pls provide updates every so often, including pics

- do not sell it until you pass at least 2 drags to other BAR reefers.

For now this is the mother colony pic. Will update the frag pic later

Red with yellow tip color in my system,
in the right condition medium speed grower.

Like mid flow mid to high light,
I have it on the top section of the tank.
Grew under LED T5 combo.
My system is ULN but I think it will adapt to any system that can grow sps...

My system parameters:
Salinity 35ppt
Alk 7
Ca 490
K+ 400
No3 0.5
Po4 0.05

If you want a frag, feel free to email me on


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Really appreciate that, I’m thinking its to soon.
I’m going to get used to being a member and earn the frags.

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Jist make sure to open a jurnal. This way you qualify and we get to know your system to make sure the coral is suitable for your system

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I’m not sure I meet 3 people at the booth around 12:00 one gentleman said he was the treasurer I think.

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Welcome @Rubyo ! Glad you enjoyed the show and met some members. When you have time, start a tank journal (there’s a forum just for that) so we can learn about your tank.