Ofzakaria Red planet

Eric Johnson

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Sure, can you get me to your journal?


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How long your system been running? I did not see pictures posted for the system either then that one on the last post..
Am trying to see if its stable or not.

Also the am limiting one DBTC for new folks on my DBTC, I see you requesting multiple DBTC, just make sure you system is ready for these frags.
Things like millis and pc rainbow are bit more sensitive.
So which one would you want from my DBTC?
Will hold one for you.


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2 pieces picked up by @ashburn2k and @Newjack.
The larger one is for new jack and smaller one for ashburn2k
Both pieces are new growth of the mother colony, so they do not have the deep red color yet. Just have them under moderate light, moderate to high flow, it will color up nicely..


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