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do you think its necessary to keep flow in the sump to help keep the debrie from resting to the botton and that way it well be filter out or should i leave it and vacum out sump every few months? im currently running the 1200 roller mat and the adative Reef A8 skimmer in the red sea 525 g2
I dont think either is significantly better as long as you are cleaning out anything that settles on occasion. Might be easier to let the equipment do it for you tho
Seems like something you can fix with just a turkey baster during water changes rather than complicating things. But like Mike said, do what is most likely to solve the problem.
I have a powerhead in one chamber in the back of my AIO tank. It’s there to mix the water where I’m dosing kalk, but it is pretty nice that I never need to clean that chamber out since nothing can settle, but it doesn’t eliminate maintenance cause I have to clean that powerhead occasionally

I like using the turkey baster method @Darkxerox suggested for my other chambers