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Palmers blue Millie (Bondolo)


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Got one from @Coral reefer today!


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This one did not transition well at first and bleached a bit towards the base. I believe the issue was too much light. All other sps added at the same time as that one took off growth wise.
It is looking much better now.


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if you ever head over to AC, I would like a frag of this classic piece to add to my collection. I'm compensate in bridge toll and gas since I'm never in SF.

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@Coral reefer was about to msg you earlier about picking up yet another attempt at the blue millis on Sat.

@jhuynh i still plan on heading to meet with you Sunday, if you're around. I can be your gopher, if you'd like.


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Well it passed on again. What I noticed was that I started feeding rods food but I left it out for a few days and it got stinky . I noticed other millies also dropped some pe. So I wonder if feeding rods instead of my diy recipe did anything

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