Petco in San Rafael.


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I visited the Petco in San Rafael and I was shocked when I saw healthy saltwater fish. I spoke to the Jesse a worker at Petco. He informed me he was the person in charge of keeping all the fish tanks. He informed that he quarantines all fish for two weeks before moving them into the display tanks (I want to note that there was no extra charge for quarantine). Jesse informed me he could special order fish for me from liveaquaria and other vendors. I would highly recommend checking out the Petco in San Rafael.


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I’ve been to 2 Petcos lately.
Dublin Petco doesn’t have any fish at all anymore and Livermore only has freshwater fish. I really never shopped there for saltwater fish, but it’s nice to hear you have a good Petco near you.
I think they are becoming just a dog and cat store out my way.

Arvin R

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The one in Union City has a pretty decent fish dept still. I haven't been able to talk to the person in charge but did see him one day doing tank maintenance and they had nori in their salt water tanks too.


+1 on Union City Petco being decent, and has been for many years.
Well, except for the scary tank of feeder goldfish.
Way back, when I only had freshwater, almost everything came from there.
Good place to get frozen food.


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The Petco in San Bruno carries saltwater fish but their tanks are poorly maintained. They were brining in Gem Tangs around mid 2021 and some designer clowns. I haven't seen anything nice there as of lately.


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Two years ago both the san rafael and novato locations had really great looking tanks..Their employees working their had saltwater tanks at home so were motivated at work..Novato seems to be always better stalked with fish and coral frags on regular basis. Although corals do not last long in their tanks except nems and will knock prices down every week or two so they sell instead of shrivel up. Plus several frags at times are mislabeled from corporate so can be great deals I got a 6 head purplish torch for 35 bucks one time..Covid took a toll at the stores peeps moved on some kids left for college so things slid downhill but it's been looking better lately..Never had any issues with fish sickness from both locations as mentioned above since they used to q their fish in separate systems..Unfortunately their the only LFS in marin that has any saltwater stock. Pet Club in Corte madera has some stock and very knowledge staff but their fish department has never reopened since covid started