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reefjedi's RSR 250 Mixed Reef


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Great questions. I had 0 nitrates because I was skimming heavily and I wasn't feeding as much and I clean my filter socks religiously. I've upped my feeding to 6x / day and that seems to have helped. Fish look happier too. I don't have to dose nitrates as much anymore but it does drop.

Bioload is yellow tang, hippo tang, velvet wrasse, 2 clowns, 3 chromis and a midas blenny.

I always test 0 phosphates but I see algae growth and have to clean glass every few days. I use salifert and it's always 0. It's hard to tell but one of the guys at Neptune said to use two vials and have one with only tank water and compare them side by side, and I do that and they vials look the same. I only dose phosphates when my zoa skirts look a little thin. I'll .03 to .05ppm and by end of day it will be 0 again.

I have dealt with cyano when I ran my fuge for 12 hours / day, which is why I started dosing phosphate and nitrate (and the colors/growth not being so good). Now I only turn on my fuge light every few days for 6 hours or so after heavy feeding.
If you have algae I doubt you hsvetrue zero po4. But I see you are already trying to avoid zero nutrients conditions.
In zero nutrient conditions you will be more prone to cyano. But the good thing is that your no3 is also low which is good. You do not want one parameter zero and then other is high when it come to no3 and po4...that's path for problems


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Increased 2 part dosing from 24ml / day to 48ml / day. I hadn’t tested Ca for a while and saw it dropping. I think the added nitrate is causing faster growth and increasing Alk and Ca demand.

Starting to see more growth on this. I think it’s a Strawberry shortcake. Can anyone help ID this?



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What coral is this

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Turbinaria aka Cup Coral aka Scroll Coral. This one is purple with greenish/yellowish polyps. I think it may be a LA Lakers Scroll Coral.

Super slow growing in my tank. Anyone able to get good growth on these? Any tips?


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Can I get ppls opinion about putting an BTA where the yellow arrow is? It’s be on a rock covered in gsp. I could scrape off the gsp on the top and put the BTA on it. What are the chances the BTA will stay there and not get sucked into my MP10? Will the gsp grow into it or will the nem keep it back?



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I was able to keep my rbta stuck on an island like that somewhat successfully, however, they constantly tried to escape and eventually were able to take a snail ride to escape sometimes. Personally I would do a nem tank and not mess with mixing nems and coral, but it can be done and an island is a good way to go about it