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Some Peru shots (finally)


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Wow... awesome pics.

And the poison frog... nice!

Now I need a terrarium :D

Nice - need one more hobby, huh Norm ;D

and don't think I myself haven't thought of it. - lol

Mr. Ugly

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Hehe, well y'know... frogfish, frog... what's not to like? :D

Eileen, you NEED a paludarium :D

Hmm.... I have one of those 18 tall Via Aquas sitting around.... must resist :D


Those look great, Rich. You printing a book of images from your trip or something?


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Thanks guys!

Yep printing a book. I do that with every trip. A book looks so yummy. The new iphoto even has no problem with NEF files - freaky.

I never used your tele macro Eric! I just stuck with the 105 and it was no problem

We were in Iquitos for a few hours. Got some nice pics of a public market.

Things I learned:
Bring 2 camera bodies. Switching lens' is a pain while hiking in the jungle, and if you have a camera go bad (I did) you have a backup.
Bring way more batteries than you think you need. When the generator goes out, you are out of luck.
A mono pod is nice, but you rarely get to use it in the jungle. No time before the critter moves!
Always bring 5 pounds of silica gel - it will save your camera and other people with cameras will love you.
If you are shooting monkeys or birds, you want the 300.
The 'p' setting is auto shutter and aperture, but lets you monkey with everything else.
When you see a guy chopping up a caiman, ask his permission before you take a picture.
Make sure you buy a video camera that also take photos. Makes life easier. :D


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Oh yeah -

Video in HD. I forgot and therefore only have small pics frame grabs of river dolphins - who are impossible to shoot with a still cam. :D


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Are you connected with Iquitos? :D

Here are the shots that are easily available - I have more of oscars dried and for sale and some other Iquitos pics somewhere.


Beautiful images, Rich. Looks like a very rewarding vacation for both you and libby. Congrats on hitting the big 10!


:lol: I was scrolling thru the show and sawa the thumb nail of the red face ones and thought to myself "damn they got sun burned"....then I openned the larger image :)