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Sulphur denitrator, finally starting to work


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My apologies for this photo bing "Proudly hosted by photbucket" right in the middle of the part I wanted to show (the color of the test).

This test shows the nitrate level for the effluent of the sulphur (or "sulfur") reactor (yellowish - around 20-10 ppm) and the tank water, which is (Who can say, except that it's not yellow).

This will take a LOOOOONG time, but at least it's something. Considering I started at over 200 ppm for the display tank, this seems promising. Also, I tossed a chunk of chaeto into the sump and started lighting my sump again, so let's hope all this stuff helps.


PS. Who's brilliant idea was it to provide small round testtube that reflect and refract light in every direction and are impossible to compare with the "color chart".