Super Glue Gel


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Not sure if this is the best place to share this or not, but just wanted to say that the super glue gel from Harbor Freight is surprisingly the best stuff I have found for gluing frags. You can get a 10 pack of 3 gram tubes for under $4, and somehow the nozzles on them seem to stay unclogged for a relatively long time. Most of the other little tubes i have used seem to have the nozzles clog after one use.


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Nice PSA! Is the gel thick enough? That’s the main problem I’ve seen with some gel superglue. Have you tried using it underwater? That’s another use where some don’t work as well as others.


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Thickness is "OK" I have found sometimes it works best if I let it sit for a min or so before placing a coral in it if it's something that needs support (for instance a single stick of sps) or dipping it in water to start the curing.

Went vermetid snail hunting with it the other day... Worked well, the hard part was figuring out the angles to aim it right to get into the snail tubes while looking at an angle through the glass