Thesassyindian's 13.5 gallon m̶o̶n̶e̶y̶ ̶p̶i̶t̶ reef tank

Coral reefer

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Give the red planet a lot of light and you’ll really just get red. You could try the palmers blue I guess, but that’s not super easy. I got enough for you to try one tho if you want


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After 274 days of being in the hobby, I decided to "sanity check" my water testing skills.
So, I stopped by AC today for an Aquaspin test. Here are the results:


Percentage Differences:
Alkalinity: 5.24%
Calcium: 3.49%
Magnesium: 7.14%
Phosphate: the least count of the SA is 0.1ppm, so that's close enough as well.

I knew my Nitrates were low, but 1ppm? holy crap!
Maybe I should do water changes less often?
(currently I do 50% every 2 weeks)


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@Coral reefer since my Nitrates are 1ppm, dissolved organics wouldn't be the cause of the sponge bloom correct?
Or was the Nitrate reading low because most of the nitrates were being consumed?

Will less often water changes help?
(currently I do 50% every 2 weeks)


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Help meaning raise nitrates? If so yes.
Nitrates are not the same as dissolved organics. There are other things sponges will Eat
Thanks! If I do decide to space out my water changes further, I will have to look for a better Phosphate export method.
They reach around 0.08ppm-1ppm by the end of 2 weeks. Maybe I'll add GFO at the 2 week mark, and do monthly water changes.