got ethical husbandry?

What is this and should I be concerned?

L/B Block

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I think I see some rather large “worms” in the sump. Bristle worms perhaps?

If so-should I be concerned?

Wow on that vid!

Might need to fact check this but also might be helpful to know there are some potential options if you ever need help keeping worms in check.

Agree they are bristle worms. They are good detrivores, don’t harm coral or fish generally, lots of people like having them.

Personally, I hate them and they sting me often when I’m not careful with my hands in the tank, especially at the junction of rock or frag disk and sand, or in my refugium. I’ll go through and remove tons of them from time to time with the benefit of nutrient export I guess. Whether or not you want them doesn’t really matter since you can’t get rid of them.
Those look like the kind I keep that really don't cause any trouble at all and are good scavengers of leftover food and dead snails etc. Pretty easy to tweezer out, I also have a trap you can use if you want to borrow it. Just always be wary about the underside of frag plugs and where you put your fingers.

Their free swimming epitokes (larvae) are super weird though at night sometimes and look like spinning curly cues. But often end up as food for other animals in the tank. My old Copperband would murder them all day, along with my mystery wrasse.
All very helpful info. Thanks everyone. That video @Kensington Reefer -wow.

I have a few in the sump. I do have a dottyback and a wrasse that prob keeps them in check in the DT . I don’t think I have seen one there even if they are there