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Where to buy CUC?


Reefcleaners or LFS, though (what I presume are) supply chain issues have made it somewhat more difficult to get a complete CUC from LFS. Nassarius snails in particular seem more difficult to come by lately.


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My recommendation is to upgrade to something like a 150ish gallon and let the tangs or rabbit fish do your clean up. Way easier than finding snails at lfs's or reefcleaners


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I don't want to go into specific names, but be warned that online places, including ones listed here, don't actually QT those inverts. They keep advertise being fishless, but they're harvesting them from the ocean, tossing them into a tank, and selling them immediately.

I personally had an ich output immediately after adding snails and such from one of the sites mentioned here. It was super frustrating, because I thought they were a  clean source.

My personal plan is to just buy everything from a quarantined source at this point. The amount of money and time and energy lost to those outbreaks isn't worth it. IMO better to just skip buying one fancy torch over a year and spend on a trusted source.

Edit: my experience is anecdotal, but the statement of what they do is actually on their site and their responses to the forums. They don't go out of their way to say "our stuff isn't quarantined", so they're not lying, it's just everyone interprets it as they're safe because they are the word fishless