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    Saltwatersig's 120 gallon journey

    Looks amazing, Sergio! I love the aqua-scaping, and the acans in the front right of the tank.
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    Wow, that is an amazing story about your clownfish.
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    Just bought new dead live rock. Best way to clean for pests and misc things?

    I'm learning from this thread, since I recently removed a couple of rocks from my tank that had hard-to-remove algae. I soaked them in a strong bleach solution for about a week, then blasted them with the hose nozzle, as Jon suggested. I left them out in the sun over the weekend, and they have...
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    Sump help (on my upcoming 40B)

    I recommend a divider if you plan to use macro algae. Otherwise, you can just keep live rock with a skimmer in the middle compartment.
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    The Steinhart Aquarium - Academy of Science

    Cool video-- makes me wish I was able to join the behind-the-scenes tour. Thanks for sharing the link, Jwicked.
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    Gimmito's 450 gal L-shaped tank

    Jim, your tank looks beautiful! Clearly thriving. The copperband is a great addition. So glad the purple, desjardini and hippo tangs are getting along with the other fish in your tank. How do you keep the sand so clean?
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    Gimmito's 450 gal L-shaped tank

    The tangs look very happy in your frag tank! I look forward to visiting them and seeing your system now that it's fully set up and running.
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    Club Minutes for meeting Held 13 October 2012

    Thank you all for agreeing to serve on the board in 2013!
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    MYSTERY SOLVED!!!!!11!111oneoneoneone

    Wow! Was it burrowed into a rock crevice? Were you able to measure the total length? Was this worm in your dual display tank?
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    article on ocean acidification along the CA coast

    RIchard, thank you for sharing that article. Acidification is not just negatively affecting coral reefs--it's already having an impact on our California coast.
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    Advice Please - RO/DI Source in SF

    When I lived in S.F., I bought my RO water from a dispenser at Whole Foods on 4th St.
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    “Diversity and Evolution of Coral Reef Fishes” Lecture, Jan 24, California Academy of Sciences

    I was hoping to attend the lecture tonight, but won't be able to make it. Sounds very interesting.
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    How to Open Stubborn Bucket of Salinity Salt

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I used the screwdriver to break the vacuum seal, and the container opened easily! And I learned some interesting considerations from salt mixing as a result of this thread.
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    How to Open Stubborn Bucket of Salinity Salt

    I bought a new, large bucket of Salinity salt several months ago, and stored the half-full bucket of another salt above it. Now, it's time to use the Salinity salt. But I can't get the lid open! I follow the instructions, push in the red tab, and try twisting the lid. No luck. Have any of...
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    March 10, 2012 BAR Meeting Featuring Bob Fenner ! - room 722

    That is great! A few years ago, Bob showed our reef club in San Diego lots of amazing slides that he had taken over the years.