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    Kh guardian pro

    I think it’s all comes to personal preference. Just for my personal experience I like my trident. I’m pretty we have members here that have a lot of positive experience with kH guardian pro. Good luck.
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    BRS shipping...

    I always order on BRS pretty much at least once a month over $39 so it’s free shipping. I always get mine earlier that expected delivery. Sorry to hear your bad experience with them.
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    Happy new year

    Happy new year to you all fellow reefers and your family.
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    Coral’s touching suggestions?

    Looks like goldmeister
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    Frags giveaway

    Those are great looking shots. Are these taken under regular lights?
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    Day Job?

    Bio-process technician at a biotech company in south city that produces parenteral drugs for serious medical condition.
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    Frags giveaway

    Big thanks to Omar and Andreas for picking up frags for us. Much appreciated
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    Frags giveaway

    Interested on WD PC rainbow Ultimate stag
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    Frags giveaway

    Pm sent
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    Pump that fits 5g container or advice

    I use apex pmup pump. Never have any issue.
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    Red mangroves, chaeto, and corals!

    I’m interested on one mangrove if still available. I see seven of them.
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    should i buy a trident?

    Since I’m an apex unit owner I bought the trident from aquatic collection yesterday while it was on sale. Also bought the 6 months reagent. My observation in general is that it’s a preference but I’m just a fan of apex so I’m biased
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    Trying to connect RO line to my Kamoer X1 pro

    I have a barb 3/16 x 5/32. The small end connects to kamoer x1 pump and the bigger end connects to dosing tubing.Not sure if this will work. I’m in Newark. You can have it.
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    Free Oceanic 37g tank with stand

    Tank got picked up by one our member.