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    AC now has an Aquaspin!

    Per Joe of AC mentioned a shot glass full would be good but also mentioned the more is good too. Keep us posted .
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    AC now has an Aquaspin!

    That’s a great news to our South Bay reefers. I’m hoping it gets available for retail use soon.
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    DBTC: Miami Hurricane Chalice

    @Archaic37 @bfirecat . Please post your location. Thanks.
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    AC now has an Aquaspin!

    Hey Chris, it’s great to hear that the result of the test is pretty close to your own test. The good thing is this is pretty new and there’s always room for improvement. Hopefully this will also become available on all LFS store in the Bay Area so our folks will have access to the test whenever...
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    Free Cover for JBL Cube 24

    Hope you enjoy the corals.
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    Free Cover for JBL Cube 24

    Pm sent. I can trade for some corals.
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    DBTC: Rose Bubble Tip Anemone

    The last post was over 3 1/2 years ago. But good luck. Although I’ve seen members sell them at a very good price here.
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    AC now has an Aquaspin!

    Has anyone else gotten their water tested? Just curious on the result on well established tank. Thought Bob just restarted his system so result maybe little off.
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    Heat and more heat

    They do have fans to cover their tanks. It was just extremely hot today in the area. They’ve dealt with this situation from time to time. I didn’t see the livestock stress or anything.
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    Heat and more heat

    Just came back from aquatic collection. They’re tanks are at 84 degrees
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    Heat and more heat

    104 here in Newark.
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    Borrowing the Club’s - PAR meter #2

    I coordinated with @bfirecat to pick up this weekend.
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    NanoCrazed's Lazy Tank(s) Journal

    Those SPS looks great. Just curious why are most of them stilll on the frag racks instead of attached on the rocks.
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    Eric's Biocube 16.

    What equipment do you use for top off? It’s been pretty warm the last two weeks and evaporation is pretty crazy. To maintain 79 on this weather is a lot of evaporation.