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    Eunice (bobbit) worms

    Whoa. Those are terrifying. Can't believe you saw it, ID'ed it, and caught one already!
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    ofzakaria 2nd zeo

    Looking great! I love the before & after pairs
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    Free Tigertail sea cucumber

    Holy cow! That thing is long. My cuke just passed 5 years old and is no 11." During school we would see it off and on during the day. I have never seen it at night and wonder if it gets bigger then. Hmm. Thanks for posting pics!
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    Brian's 180G Peninsula

    Nice build! I love your electronics compartment.
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    Soli’s 80 Gallon Shallow Build

    Looking great! So did the extra monti(?) bit growing next to the grafted monti disappear?
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    DBTC: Green BTA

    Oh, looks great already! Thanks for coming all the way out to pick her up.
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    Thanks, that is helpful. I didn't think I had space on top of the canister holder for the pump how you have yours, but I looked at a photo and I do.
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    Thanks! Adding second membrane and booster pump to RO this week, I hope. If anybody wants to show a pic of their setup I'd love to see it. Trying to decide how to position mine. In @ashburn2k 's tank journal I saw his and @A Aaron
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    Question about dual membranes in series: flush setup after second membrane effectively flushes both membranes?
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    DBTC: Green BTA

    Looks great! So glad to see it! Tentacles look shorter and thicker than ours - maybe they will get bubble tips like ours used to have. I'll be showing update photos to my students soon and will include this! The rose BTA you gave us plus shrooms and Tequila Sunrise rhodactis are doing well all...
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    I received PhycoPure right before school closure so I dumped most of it into my tank of bleached corals rather than let it die in the bottle. It's been over a month and anecdotally there is no change in coral coloration. This does not mean anything except it is not instant magic in a bottle.
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    DBTC: Green BTA

    BTAs seem to be okay with no attention for over a month. Lugging in water to refill ATO reservoirs and checking clownfish feeder has been the only care since school closure. Maybe some of you are in the same position with your work tanks. I was thinking if someone wanted to pick up BTAs to...
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    Neptune Apex -- worth it?

    I've been trying to figure out what people have been talking about and think I finally get it - Are you saying the current Apex does not have the corded display/handheld control like on the older models?
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    Seven Stills to the Rescue

    Oh, now that is awesome! I wonder if Tim has contacted Tap Plastics re: spray or pump bottle donation @Tim Obert
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    Don’t try this at home

    It’s prescription. I was told many doctors are getting a head start and prescribing it to patients and peers. I don’t mean here, but in general. Pharmacy said it’s been backordered already.