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    DBTC - space invader pectinia

    I would love to back up your pectinia in the future. I have a non-Space Invader colony I got brown with maybe blue or green hints, but it bleached out completely white during the summer and I thought it was dead. It is now light brown and fleshy, so I am super happy and hope it will color up. I...
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    Hello! I'm excited to be here

    Welcome! How exciting to set up your first tank. Glad you found the club so you don't have to figure out everything on your own. Feel free to ask lots of questions.
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    Hand-raised Dumbo Eared Rats For Sale

    From the teacher who raises them: Any animal with teeth can bite. These are very friendly, hand-raised rats. They are not biters and have never bitten anyone, but you would also not want to get them into bad habits by putting treats and fingers through cages. They especially get to know their...
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    Hand-raised Dumbo Eared Rats For Sale

    Bumping up to the top - new batches of rats ready and soon ready. Example:
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    55 gallon start up

    Cool leather! I really like seeing corals that are grown out and not just frags.
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    Featured Kessil Tour- Nov 9

    Actually, the area near Kessil, Marina Bay, is beautiful and has some of the best weather in the Bay Area. There is the Bay Trail, access to the Bay at little beaches and steps, multiple parks, spectacular views, Rosie the Riveter historic park, trains going by, boat and fishing activity at the...
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    I think I need this in my living room.

    Oooh - I love looking in tanks from above. Well, bummer. I wanted to get the “chair on base” model but it is out of stock.
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    Is this worth $800 ?

    Bottom line is if something seems worth buying to you, go for it. Livestock healthy in an established tank can be less risky than mail order or a newly arrived specimen from a LFS.
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    Is this worth $800 ?

    I thought it means livestock and rock only plus odd things mentioned in ad. Corals look like frags.
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    PSA: PG&E announces potential for blackouts due to high winds for Bay Area and Central Valley

    @RobMcC or others... I am unclear what caused so much damage, since I have not had the misfortune of 3 days with equipment down. Were the Tunzes not enough flow compared to what the corals were used to? Some systems have no sump with return and no skimmer. Also, can't corals live for 3 days...
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    I love automation :)

    Sounds at least like a great jumpstart for auto feeding frozen food, leading to future options and also fresh or refrigerated food feeders
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    PSA: PG&E announces potential for blackouts due to high winds for Bay Area and Central Valley

    Sorry to hear about the losses @RobMcC ! Do you know if the temp dropped a lot?
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    Two Power Outage and Aquacontroller Related Questions

    Okay. My situation is massive school network so no router control. I found out that before expected power outages the tech peeps will shut down the network because they are worried about servers at every site. Oh well, at least they allow my Apex on via Ethernet since they deny WiFi access...
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    Green BTA

    In another post someone said rose and green BTAs will not get along. I have never had them together. Not going to Kessil this time - it's an awesome tour! I'm sure they will split again.
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    Interesting Find At Petco

    I had no idea Petco sold any coral.