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    fish feeder ring\square

    What's a good reliable fish feeder ring or square that last at least a year? Don't want the ring detach and floats. Don't want magnet to rust. thanks,
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    Dark Gray PVC Fitting

    Is sch 80 overkill for 500gph or less pump?
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    Petco in San Rafael.

    About half a year ago I impulse bought a pt at Petco in SJ near Oakridge. No problem so far.
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    Usedg4 xr30 pro worth?

    How many do you need? There's someone selling 3 and I just need 1.
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    Usedg4 xr30 pro worth?

    Just bought used one with new RMS mount for 425 shipped. I'm in need of another.
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    Looking for an Acrylic tank

    It'd be helpful to list your requirements beside acrylic.
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    Meshmez's IM EXT 112

    waiting for my 100ext without stand ordered from IM. I asked IM about the screen. Here's their reply: the EXT models do not include a mesh screen top. Given that most light brackets mount directly to the backwall of an aquarium, the EXT model would not allow the proper spacing for a lid.
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    Meshmez's IM EXT 112

    Does it come with the mesh top or is that additional $? Did you get it at 10% discount? Where from?
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    Fragging Torch Corals - Cutting Flesh?

    Use Cipro to treat it for possible infection after cutting. That's pretty. I'm interested.
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    Salinity probe

    What's a good accurate reliable salinity probe to work with apex el? Thanks
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    Newbie reefer from Fremont

    Love the kids are involved.
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    Auto Repair Shop

    Awwww dang. Sorry. You walked away and no passenger (assumption). Love the long bed.
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    Xmas spirit. Lets see them trees.

    A little late but lets get the Christmas feeling alive.
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    Free starfire tank

    I'm pissed because there were other people in line that were actually going to use it for their pets. A mother and her young daughter and a retired senior. I gave it to him because he was the first to reply. He also mentioned adding a top\lid, talked about his lizards and turtles. All...