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    Microscopes… PAUSE

    Rather teachers or someone in need get them. You can pull me off the list.
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    Black Hawaii Office Aquarium

    Take my nems.
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    One power supply to rule them all?

    Well if the brand name “any titi” means anything to you. Rather it say Meanwell on it personally.
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    where to get non mulch top soil?

    You can dig it out of my back yard, free and I’ll give you beer
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    How do you use a Python water change system?

    Turn off pumps. Mark level with blue tape, empty, refill to tape line, remove blue tape. No thinking needed.
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    One power supply to rule them all?

    Those cheap power supplies are not rated for 24/7 use and fail more then I would like. I have a few to tinker with and have been through a few charging big battery banks. You can get a better one and it would work just fine, but you get what you pay for in the components. The power supplies...
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    Rich's home tank

    One my guys texted me back. Look for what is called a count scale, preferably an older one off eBay. These are typically used to measure something by weight and will have an open/closed relay (dry contact) to start another action. Imagine weighing screws to a certain weight then starting a...
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    Rich's home tank

    Ahh, cool. Never even looked into that module. Also didn’t think of a pressure switch. That would be the easiest by far as most of those are open/closed and an easy input to the apex. Less accurate, but 1/10th the cost.
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    Rich's home tank

    We have some scale sensors that will output a 0-10v. That’s the only Input Apex is missing compared to the other guys, but probably the least used unless you added it as a PH probe, maybe. I’ll, ask my techs what device we use to I change a 0-10v to a open/closed contact. I know we use them...
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    New Neptune Apex models available

    Apex jr is a ripoff. They could just sell you the regular apex with out the energy bar and you would have a better product for the same MSRP.
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    BayAreaBeginnerReef First Saltwater Aquarium

    Awesome. Can't wait to see some pics.
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    Reminder to check your back up power options

    How long did you run that?
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    Ryan’s 40G first reef

    Looks good.
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    Reminder to check your back up power options

    The only gains you get with Premium gasoline is you can create more compression before the gasoline self ignites. E85 will ruin engines not designed for it, especially all your seals. If the engine is designed for the added compression pressures and heat and can be timed accordingly, then you...
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    Reminder to check your back up power options

    You should run the fuel completely out of the generator. You want the fuel away from the air and the small tanks in the small generators leave to much surrfave area open to air. They are not air tight either. The ethanol in gas really screws up small engines and they will start to gum up...