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    8th- SF TANK TOUR 2013 Sunday Nov 3rd

    Thanks for stopping by the shop guys and gals. We appreciate the support and look forward to meeting those who couldn't make it in the future. Look forward to supporting this club for many years to come! Tim & Ken TopNotchCorals
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    8th- SF TANK TOUR 2013 Sunday Nov 3rd

    Thanks, we will be here and extend our Sunday hours if need;)
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    8th- SF TANK TOUR 2013 Sunday Nov 3rd

    The shop is usually closed on Wednesdays but we will open the doors for BAR! We will offer 15% off all corals and 10% off all drygoods.
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    Welcome Lawrence!! Glad you found your way here;)
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    What if sponsors lend a hand on lending out equipment, we're willing to! With the spread out locations of us and the others it could work. I can't speak for the others but we' would like to be part of something like that.
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    nice scape in that tank!
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    How are the peppermint shrimp working for ya BOB?

    How are the peppermint shrimp working for ya BOB?
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    Top Notch Corals

    Also Felicia, our fish source is a very reliable one and we are guaranteed that our fish are healthy, eating and pre quarantined prior to receiving them on our end.
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    Top Notch Corals

    Definitely Felicia, though not as much as we'd like due to our space but definitely the more popular reef safe species.
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    Top Notch Corals

    We originally announced our grand opening for last weekend the 27th and had to push it to August 10th due to some corals and equipment arriving late, definitely not saying the shop will be at its full potential on the 10th either but everyone that attends will get a better idea of what we're all...
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    Top Notch Corals

    Thanks for the BAR invite Dan. Top Notch Corals is a shop ran by 2 brothers with the same reefing passion. We have thrown our heart and soul into putting this shop together for fellow hobbyist. I myself,Tim have been in the hobby for 13+ years and my brother Ken for 9. We have grown with this...