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09/10 Member only frag swap


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Very spectator friendly!

Also we have a rule that supporting members who don’t have 3 coral frags to enter in to the swap but who would like to participate can join in picking corals to take on the third round. Gives you a chance to see how it works first. You don’t have to decide now, you can decide then. It’s a low-stress way to have the option to join in the fun once you’re there. We made that option in 2019 then covid happened and kinda reset everything so I don’t think we’ve had much of a chance to use it yet.
Just curious @jonmedina, where did you hear about us?

Guy named Joel in Dublin/Pleasanton area. Great guy, super helpful.

I was bemoaning my lack of a par meter and he said to get connected with a local group.

I'll definitely show up!
I have the club's calibration thermometer if anyone wants to check their tanks. Chances are you're not running at the temperature you think!

@JVU has the club CO2 monitor as well if you're fighting pH issues in your tank.
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Mike @Coral reefer is holding 2 of our 3 Gryphon band saws (including the one BARCode says @Alexx has). He is in SF, and isn’t coming to the swap.

Is anyone from SF or passing through SF willing to pick them up from him and bring to the swap by chance?
For members only frag swap can I bring my partner? And can she participate in the swap event?
Guests are welcome. But only one person can be swapping for each supporting member. So either you or your partner could pick a coral for you any given round, not both. Hope that makes sense!
Reminder the swap is tomorrow!

We will set up a DBTC table where you can more easily share your DBTC corals by putting them out for people to choose from, and just updating BARCode after. It’s a fun way to share your extra frags in addition to the ones in the swap.
I would like to join the swap, but no frags to share. I am attending my first swap.
You can ask if anyone is willing to give you frags for entry; alternately, you're welcome to join after the third round since we're reinstating (restating? Since it was never off the books) the rule that supporting members who don't provide the entry frags can still swap then.