150 gal cube from 7 stills

Coral reefer

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Going to be breaking down the 150 gal cube at 7 stills that came from @xcaret once upon a time.
I think it’s 36x36x27? And comes with stand and sump
Overflow back left corner

There is a simplicity skimmer,
aqua top 36 watt uv (needs bulb)
And Kessil ap700 that could be purchased along with the tank if interested. Please respond here and pm me or text if you have my number.
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Oh that would be a sweet set up for the school !!
It’s a 36x36 cube btw
What is really cool is we are looking at setting up tanks for long term coral monitoring and experimentation for our upper level research course, so this would be perfect! I have my fingers crossed!


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Should be this tank.


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The tank made it to the school in great shape, and I am proud to report that even without cleaning out the remaining sand and water, it did not stink up the staff hallway lol. I did take the sump home for some citric acid spa treatment, and the build will be a slow process while we decide where to put the tank long term. One question for the @Coral reefer and the crowd:
After looking into the Marineland deep tanks, apparently a lot of people had failures with the seams - this is my worst nightmare as the tank is now in a professional setting, and I am not tenured at this school lol. So, here is what the seams look like on the tank: Is this something I should be concerned about?


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