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2019 Sep Corals Farmers Market - Discount Tickets to Members


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Hello All,

September 14th SVCFM

I finally received the tickets in the mail today. Again I will be selling the tickets to Supporting Club Members at a discounted cost of $3 per ticket. (non-members/guests can also buy at regular cost of $5 currently through me too)

They sell online for $5, but that rises to $10 August 17th. Then we stop selling online about 5 days before event and you will need to buy at the door.

We should be doing a table again at the event (TBD) so Tickets can be picked there as Will Call. (Just like last year). Or if you see me at a meeting or event.

FYI - After the club confirms if there is enough help for setup/take-down and manning a booth. Free Tickets were given out to Volunteers. So look out for future threads on this too. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Paypal to arnold.pon@att.net
Send me your real name and you BAR handle.
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Oops. I just realized these tickets are for member only and my wife is not a member. Can you send back her $3 to Christopher.rosati@gmail.com ? I’ll buy her a regular ticket through the site.

My apologies

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Hi Chris,

No You Good - You are a member that bought 2 tix. That is fine. ( I can also sell to non members at reg prices)

Ticket Numbers ACEB and ACEA