2019 Sept CFM results - raffles and club proceeds


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Hello all,

All the raffles prizes were picked up at the event so no one needed to be called. (and no I did not win anything this time):eek: For the most part the sales and the raffle drawing went pretty smoothly. (thanks to Bruce who acquired most of the raffle prizes)

For the 2 grand prizes,
  1. The Kessil 360 light went to a person who really needed it, he said his lights gave out this week! I did n't his name - not sure if Mike or Maureen got it?
  2. The Neptune controller was actually won by Tony, Steve Tyree's event partner, but to be fair he did buy over $100 worth of tickets to try to win it.

As for our share - We sold only raffles and glue at the event. I am not sure how much glue was sold, but we started with $145 cash for base.
We ended up after paying for the Volunteers tickets and Non BAR Raffles back to Steve ($250) = $1127 and some coin change.

So $1127 - $145= Total $982.
Thanks to Mike & Maureen (SFSUPhysics and Molamola for counting the tickets and the cash.) They were my check and balance team.

Overall a success event. - The Only issue was lack of Volunteers to help cover slots, and a couple volunteers who either canceled or just didn't show up) I am going to think of some suggestion to BOD to help reward our volunteers with maybe special Volunteers Only Raffle items or Priority to Events given to them. More to come on that later.

If you have any questions let me know.