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I’ve been slacking on making a tank journal for the longest but here goes.

This is my RedSea 250 all in one.

I had I coworker gift it to me since he no longer wanted it after upgrading. It was a fixer upper project as it had not been used in a while. With it came a ton of once live- now dry rock.

It had custom led lighting which I ended up tearing out and putting my own Micmol LED light inside of It. It came with skimmer housing but no pumps. So I ended up buying some cheap but efficient Amazon Vivosun pumps. I also completely left out the skimmer and made a sponge basket out of some egg crate and spare filter parts.

Once I did a freshwater test run in my garage to see if my idea would work and the tank did not have any leaks. I moved it in the house. I added some microbacter 7 & API quick start bacteria. Then I transferred sand (shouldn’t have), bio media & fish/ corals from my already 2 years old (not so successful) 12g nano tank. & started my cycle process/ breaking it in with my blue tang, clown fish and GSP colony.

& The rest is history. I’ve been to 2 frag swaps and responded to some PIF threads. Can’t even begin to thank everyone’s generosity. So very thankful for finding BAR reefers. I came thinking I would use the Par meter and be done but found such an awesome community of people.

Here’s a recent picture of my tank:

This tank has been running since 2/22/23. I will have to update this journal when I can on full specifics of livestock, equipment, parameters.. ect. Learning/changes never stop with this hobby.

Thanks for reading this long intro, happy reefing!
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