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Anyone using an EcoTech Marine Radion XR30w Gen 3


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I am curious if anyone is running an EcoTech Marine Radion XR30w Gen 3 on their reef tank? Are these still any good?
I am in line for a PAR meter, so that should let me know where I am with intensity. I have a Red Sea Reefer 170 - 43 gallons total and have (1) Radion Gen 3 at 8" above the tank. Currently have them set at 37% total intensity.
If your running them what are your settings?
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I picked up the par meter yesterday and played with it last night. It is so interesting to see the readings. At the top of the tank at 50% overall intensity, which shows up at the individual time slots as 35% intensity I got the readings in the picture below. Every SPS I put in my tank slowly turns white. By-the-way, the corals in the picture have been put at the middle and top of the tank. They are turning white.
Salinity = 1.025
Temp = 77.8 degrees
NO3 = 10 ppm
PO4 = .5 ppm
CA = 430
Alk = 8.3
Mag = 1380
PH = 8.34
Par 11-22-22.jpg
So I turned down the over all intensity to 33% which turned the individual slots to 20%. I am going to take the PAR reading tonight. The lights went out last night before I could take some readings.
I am afraid I am turning my EcoTech LED's down to low. What does everyone think?

Lighting Schedule 11-22-22.jpg
One last thought, I am using Red Sea Coral Pro Salt. Its a black bucket with a purple coral in the picture. Maybe I need to change to a different salt mix?
That all looks good to me except
Turn off or way way down the green and red colors on the lights. Like 1-2%.
Might want a little more white but it should be ok.
I would be doing 8-10 hours total including any ramping up and down, looks like you have maybe 10-11 hours at peak? That’s more than you need for sure
Also, I’m not sure if ppm is what I’m used to for phosphate, but if so that’s pretty high and not really “in balance” with your nitrate. I would find ways to lower it like gfo
The picture below shows the PAR values I am seeing. Please let me know if anyone has any comments on the PAR values. If they are good, then I am done with the PAR meter.

Thank you for your help. I am hoping my SPS stop turning white.

Tank 11-22-22A PAR.jpg
You can increase the whites for a more well rounded spectrum and a little higher par. If you want the longer photo period you can increase the length of the ramp up and down
I think the corals will like less red better