Black Friday Reefkeeping Deals


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They seem to be manufacture discounts - BRS and SWA both have the same numbers:

Where is the Neptune discount when you really need it??


Mike Yasin

Supporting Member almost always has what I need and ships free @ $50, with no tax if you're outside of Florida. For west coast, they ship from AZ warehouse, so a few days to us in the BA. Depending on what you buy, the no tax is a decent savings on its own. They also have a rewards program.


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Got an email from Ecotech... for some reason, they own the Nyos brand too? Or is this because of the BRS "acquisition" anyways they're adverting the XR30G5 pro and blue for 12% off, which considering how expensive they are I want to say is about $100 off. 11/19 through 11/29