Cali Kid Corals

Casey's Red Sea S-1000

I've been constantly inspecting the acros with a flashlight for bite marks or eggs. So far no further signs of aefw and all the other acros have their usual color, unlike the Vinh colony that went brown and slowly bleached from the inner branhces. Also employing a technique I read about on r2r where he blew off all the corals daily with a turkey baster for a couple months. This will dislodge any aefw for predators to eat. In my case, I have 6 leopard wrasses and a cbb who will supposedly eat them. I also ordered a bag of potassium chloride to dip any loose frags and be prepared in the event I need to dip all of them.

With the recent heat waves, I finally got around to installing fans. Part of why I built the light rack was for modularity. It was easy to discretely mount four 120mm fans using L brackets. This kept the tank 80º and below easily. Bonus is that I could bump up my kalk dripping due to the increased evaporation.