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Cheap AB+ Refrigerator Idea

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Pictured is my Krups Hopsy Sub mini keg beer dispenser. This thing takes proprietary mini beer kegs that it would keep refrigerated and dispense. I liked it, but the company went bust and the beer for it is no longer available.

I thought this thing could be good to use to keep some RedSea AB+, or whatever else, refrigerated. I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m going to. I don’t see why it can’t work. It also has routing already built in to run tubing out of too. You can find these in CL and eBay for under $40.! The build quality on them is really nice too.

I’ll report back after I try this.

First pic shows the Krups Sub with a 1L AB+ bottle next to it. Second you can see tip of AB+ bottle sticking out and the routing that could be used for tubing.

Following up with my original post to say I’ve been using this now for almost 3 months and it’s been working great. I did switch out the 1L bottle with the .5L bottle because it was a tight fit and the hose was getting crimped.
If you feel like it, post some more pics/details. I’m seeing a small horizontal refrigerator basically but not getting the rest of how it works.
I’ll try to get around to a pic. One piece of info I forgot to mention is it’s hooked up to a doser to get the AB+ from the mini fridge to the tank.