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Clarisea Emergency


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My UPS shipment from BRS is of course late and MIA and we are about to go on vacation with a roll nearly empty… :oops:

Does anyone know a local LFS selling filter rolls for the Clarisea SK-5000? Or anyone local willing to sell me one?

We leave in the morning - TY TY!
My vote is to take the roller mat offline while you are on vacation. Not using it makes your nutrients go up a little, while it failing when you are gone could be catastrophic.
If it clogs, it could overflow. One hypothetical I am thinking of is if something big like a piece of algae gets stuck in the filter roller when it is at the end of the roll and there is no more roll to go out, then it would change flow rate. Take that to an extreme and you have a flood. Note that I haven't played with one and have only seen lots of pictures of how they work.
There's a large cutout allowing water to safely pass through the system in the event of a clog/malfunction. My water level sensor has stuck a couple times and this has happened. It's basically the same exact scenario as disabling the machine itself - so shouldn't be any harm.

Appreciate the feedback though. My primary concern is that my in-laws will be house-sitting for us...and (don't tell my wife) can't be trusted to do any troubleshooting or likely even feed the correct amounts. So I just worry about some serious overfeeding and a major nutrient spike without the safety of a filter roll! :)

Not the end of the world but it's a new setup so I'm trying to be as stable and careful as possible in these early days before everything is super established.
For the over feeding, you can get individual containers or bags and measure out each days food into the bag. Then hide the rest of the food so "the fish looked hungry" doesn't spike anything.