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Kensington Reefer

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I dig the multiple yellow tangs
were they all introduced at the same time?

is that an octopus on the bottom under the blue tang??!!

and...an achilles!!
last one I had...sold it...and they killed it!!
so mad

feed them, love them
go change some water
I’ve been hearing loud clicking noises for a couple years or more now. Have always suspected a pistol shrimp, but have never seen it. I’ve looked at night many times with flashlights even, but tonight I saw what I’m pretty sure was the molt from a pistol shrimp! That noise makes me nervous, but at least I’m even more sure I know what it is now.
I finally finished upgrading my rodi setup. Reinstalled the third membrane, and added the cation anion mixed bed di canisters for each membrane rather than just a mixed bed for each like I had before.


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That Palmer's is what I remember, insane blue color that looks like oversaturated camera picture.

As for the chalice, it's a pink/red one :D