Coral reefer’s 360 gal system. 225 display and frag tanks

Coral reefer

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Good thing the new house isn’t going to have a tank. This is sooooo much cooler!


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Looks like you've got a stand for a 90 there.
No, pretty low stand, that means he definitely plans a very tall display tank above it, or it would be aesthetically way off.
With all that water depth, pretty sure he will be doing one of those mixed shallow reef / deep reef setups.

Coral reefer

DBTC Officer
A sad end to a fascinating twelve year journey, 11 of which were pretty awesome.
The last year I have not been a good reef keeper. Things did not turn out the way I wanted right from the move out of the old house and through the whole last 14 months. I feel terrible about the lack of proper care failed to provide the animals over that time. Many perished.
I all too often have let that bad feeling further propel me down a spiral of shame and neglect for both myself and my animals.
At least it is over now. I am really trying to feel and focus on the positives this journey has provided me and having gratitude for it all. If I must be honest it is really hard because there are a lot of negatives and sadness and regret as well that can overwhelm me and almost bury the good stuff underneath the shear weight of it all.

The education and the relationships I have gained through this club are priceless. I will still be around since I am still a bucket boy by day (maintenance dude), but I won’t have a tank of my own so I won’t be as active and able to spread the corals around like I have tried to while I could.

Thank you to everyone for everything that contributed to this tank and my experience. Words do not suffice

Angry Andy

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I will still be around since I am still a bucket boy by day (maintenance dude)
LOL, i think it was you that called my buddy Joel (Finaddict) a bucket boy also a while back at a frag swap...

I foresee a return to the hobby for you in the future. Being a "bucket boy" you have sooooo many contacts. You *WILL* bring home a client's tank that throws in the towel, or perhaps passes the towel to the bucket boy himself. You probably won't even charge them to move their junk into your place.