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Oh I really like the one on the right, something about corals that have that "white" look to them, which isn't skeleton, that just looks awesome. I used to have an acan lord that looked like that at one time.
Did a big service on my own tank tonight. Wife took the girls on a ski trip, so I took care of my tank...
Test alk, 7.7.
Up dosing pump by 1 ml to 87 per day.
110 gal water change
Gfo in reactor change
Carbon in media bag change
Manual removal of asterina stars, (hopefully) the rest of the Xenia, trimmed the anthelia, removed some detritus, and broken bits of mystic monti that I chipped off recently with bone cutters. I pruned the setosa heavily to open up light underneath and prevent touching of other corals.
It was kinda cool noticing that I could see the setosa through the curtains from across the street while parking the other night, but maybe that’s a cue that it’s time to prune...


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Found a baby bangaii cardinal hiding out in the patch of anthelia I was siphoning our tonight. Super cool! How do I post video? Do I have to use you tube? What’s the easiest way?
That's awesome. So where's the vid? I'm curious to see it.
wow random fish you didn't think you had. Gotta say that's better than finding random fish skeleton that you've been wondering where it went :D


I've gotten in to do some work 3 times in the last week, starting to get "caught up" on the things I've been meaning to do. Went on a rampage with the aiptasia x, mostly on the (blue) cloves from hell. But I did have a handful lingering aiptasia here and there. I removed the last rock that had more than a few on it. They were really big! It turns out aiptasia x works well on the blue cloves. I just kinda puddle it on top of them and let it sit for an hour or so with the vortechs off. I then siphon out any left over puddles before turning on pumps. I also put fresh carbon in my bag to absorb any nasties from dead cloves. It takes a couple days, but seems to work pretty well. I assume kalk paste would work as well, but happen to have aiptasia x on hand.
I’ve also been using Aiptasia-X to kill unwanted clove polyps for several months. It seems to work really great right away, with no residual tissue visible at all, but then after a couple weeks they come back again in the same areas. Do you have any advice for this?
I let it sit there for like an hour with pumps off, then try to get corals to encrust over it. If you get the whole thing in an area it doesn’t come back.


Hmm... I do the same but it always comes back. I have lots of crevices on that rock (my zoa garden) so probably I don’t get it all even though I slather it on.


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That bangai is pretty cool. I've been surprised by them a couple times. Used to have a friend who had a pair of bangais living in his fuge (middle of his sump). Babies started showing up in the display. Only thing we could think of is that they had taken a ride through the return pump and survived. I figured that near impossible until I had the same thing happen with a small RBTA.
Looking good Mike... even if it is borrowed corals :D

Thought about picking up some bangais today, didn't know how they'd work out though in my tank(s). Feel like they're not big on swimming much liking to stay stationary, and while cool in their own right just something about fish that just sit there :D

@Corallus gave me this derasa squamosa clam (I think?) he said it likes to bury its foot in sand. I have a bare bottom tank. Anybody with experience that has advice for me? Will it be ok on the bare bottom? Do I need a container with some big crushed coral substrate for it to sit in? Seems happy so far after two weeks or so.
Got my 5th mp40 setup and running. Now I just want to switch out the mp60 for an mp40 and I should be all set. Anyone wanna trade?