DBTC: Miyagi Tort


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My whole colony started to lose color. Probably too much light since I move it to a new position in the tank. I’ve moved it further away from the light and out the lights in acclimation mode. Hopefully it recovers.


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My frag is doing well and I love it. I left it on the plug for a while so when I removed it and placed it I lost some encrusting, but it’s already starting to come back and I’ve had growth along each branch. I already fragged off two 1” pieces so that those could be growing in parallel, but it will be a while until they are near the size I was given. I’ll take/post pics when I get a chance.


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I’m glad that mines not the only one showing a lot of white color. I was worried mine was starting to die. But all others seem great.

Also, I have one for the chain available