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DBTC: Rasta Zoas


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There is another Rasta chain but because I didn’t get mine from that I am starting another one to avoid mixing.
  1. Must have a tank journal, or you can post a couple of pictures of your tank (you should start one with those pics after getting the coral :))
  2. Give two frags of the same number of polyps or more back then feel free to let it grow out. I’d prefer that you don’t join this chain with the intention of selling later
First frag went to @Meshmez

I finally caught my Moorish idol(responsible for decimating 80% of my zoa collection)! I'd like to try a frag when available.
Sounds good! I have more but they’re mixed with another type of zoa so I’ll have to frag the Rastas away and I’ll have a frag to give ya