DBTC: ROYGBIV Rhodactis mushroom

Wow John looks like some of them are "bouncing" with bubbles... or they normally look like that and I just can't fricking tell because I'm not near sighted (i.e. no macro-vision when I take my glasses off). That said, I appreciate looking out for me, I kept a few when I got rid of the majority of them and still got them tucked in a corner of the tank. All hail king ROY!
They are a little "bouncy" maybe change the name to ROYGBounce :D
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Holly94583 said:
Awesome mushroom! Will move it to the rocks soon so it starts making babies.
I have a large one of these amazing mushrooms available for DBTC. I can bring to the swap. Since I haven’t updated this thread in a while, let me know if you’re still interested.

By the way, this looks identical to the CK Pangea Bounce mushroom. I didn’t get it from Cali Kid so I can’t say it’s that, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same thing. Expensive. Exclusive. Ooh Aah