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DBTC WWC Grafted Monti Cap

Bruce Spiegelman

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All standard rules apply plus I'm stealing Chromis additional rules since it is an SPS. While it's an easy SPS to grow out it also has a reasonable amount of value.

1. At least two frags from these acros should be offered through DBTC before you do whatever else you want with your extra frags.
2. People who have offered frags on this thread get first dibs on next frags (should something happen to theirs).
3. Must have a tank journal and reasonable success keeping SPS.
4. Since first come first serve serve is unfair to people who might not log in as frequently, I’m going to wait a week to field requests and then pick reefers who seem to have systems that can support SPS.

Pick up in Walnut Creek.

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Cruz Mc5

I’d like to get in line for a frag of this. With how new my tank is, I’m probably not the best choice for right now though.


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I didn’t see this, I can pick this up with the other ones.

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That is some interesting growth pattern for a M. capricornis
Looks like it is trying to plate upwards. Is that on the tank floor?


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Sweet coral, love the look. Anyone who's had the coral for a while have pictures on what a larger than frag sized piece looks like? No I don't mean the internet pictures, I'm curious how this does in other's tanks.