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Featured First CFM of the 2023!!! Volunteers still needed!!!


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The Silicon Valley Coral Farmers Market will be held January the 28th. Once again we will be selling discounted tickets for our supporting members but more importantly I'm asking for volunteers to sit at our booth.

The discounted tickets will be only for the regular day and not the vip night.

I'll set up time slots on this post soon. I'd love to see some people sign up.


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Can you sell at CFM? I have a bunch of zoa, sps, softies, that I would sell. I know in previous years Bar had some ppl selling.
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Arvin R

Can you sell at CFM? I have a bunch of zoa that I wanna get rid of. And toadstools and others
I don't believe we are allowed to sell at our booth, but you can sell online before hand and just plan to meet up with them at CFM.

If we are allowed to sell, I'm in as I got a bunch of coral to unload lol


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Just curios, why are you guys helping out every year? Just to get discounted tickets ?
Or this is a way to get new members maybe.