Fluconazole od?


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I used it a couple years ago in my mixed reef when I had a minor outbreak, it worked like magic with zero problems. Seriously crazy that Bryopsis used to end tanks and now is no big deal.

My notes on it:
20 mg/gallon (1 capsule per 10 gallons)

Water change before treatment
Manually remove as much as possible
Remove from capsule
Pre-dissolve in water, add to tank or sump
1-time dose

Carbon reactor off for 14 days
Skimmer on with cup off for 7-14 days
UV left on or off

30% water change in 14 days

No effect on chaeto, fish, inverts


On principle you have to try to dissolve it, but he's really not kidding about the giving up part. I even have a stir plate and eventually gave up on getting it all dissolved.

The blue/white capsules from overseas open pretty easily, but with the green/white Reef Flux ones I cut them open with a razor blade because they don't always open nicely and I don't want the powder flying everywhere.
Are you dose only once, too?


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Are you dose only once, too?
Correct. I put the skimmer on and started changing water at the 3 week mark, probably could have done so at the 2 week mark.

min the past I dosed a second time at 3 weeks to try to resolve a different issue, but saw no changes with the second dose.