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Are you IN or OUT?!

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For those in the South Bay---I plan to be in Oakland for a meeting next Wednesday and can swing by High Tide afterwards. Let me know if you want me to pick up a frag for the contest. I am in Saratoga and Palo Alto during the week.

I will hold any frags in a temporary 10 gallon quarantine tank with heating and flow.
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excited to see this thing grow.
Many thanks to @under_water_ninja for bringing the comp frags to CaliKid Corals yesterday! Much appreciated man.

Thank you again to @Darkxerox and @Invictus with helping with the frag workshop, distribution, and the tracking sheet for the competitors. You guys rock!

Judging for this contest may be a bit difficult. This is a known SLOW grower! So be patient!

I'll be going through the list of sign ups, who has frags, and the initial submission posts to confirm the contestants.

If anyone has not submitted a photo, could you PLEASE get that done asap and post it!