Glass cleaners/scrapers for hard to scrape algae

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“What is still unknown are the exact mechanisms that are causing adverse effects,” Hankins explains. “Ingested microplastics could block the corals’ digestive tracts, which would either leave them feeling satiated, like they have a full stomach, or prevent digestion of their natural diet.”

Once ingested, microplastics reach the gastrointestinal tract and can be absorbed causing oxidative stress, cytotoxicity, and translocation to other tissues. Furthermore, microplastics can release chemical substances (organic and inorganic) present in their matrix or previously absorbed from the environment and act as carriers of microorganisms. Additives present in microplastics such as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE), bisphenol A (BPA), nonylphenol (NP), octylphenol (OP), and potentially toxic elements can be harmful for humans. However, to date, the data we have are not sufficient to perform a reliable assessment of the risks to human health. Further studies on the toxicokinetics and toxicity of microplastics in humans are needed.

They're talking about human diet, but its not a big jump to conclude some of this is happening to fish as well.

for acrylic, algae cutter bags from mighty magnets. works great on acrylic and seems to shed sand or keep it in pits so it won't scratch.
What suggestions or tools did or do you like for wiping the sides of acrylic tanks?

Micro plastic…. Very bad for all!!

I mispoke about dobies. Both those are credit cards are still valid. They don't put off much plastic.

Magic Erasers on the other hand, no good. Remember years ago the scandal in China over Melamine being put into baby formula to trick the nutritional content? Nitrogen is what it increased. Those erasers are made out of melamine. So you get micro plastics and a nitrogen source.