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Hey Everyone, It's been a long time since I've written. After my father past away with cancer, my life was in shambles. I didnt really care much about anything including my tank. Needless to say, I watched my tank wither while doing almost nothing for 6 months except feed the fish, add top off water, and clean the skimmer once in a while. Large sps colonies browned and then died. I even lost zoanthids which I feel are the easiest corals for me. At the time, I didnt feel any remorse; sadness begets sadness.

Life is a bit more manageable now. I started doing water changes, filled my dosing tanks with 2 part, and started phosban and carbon. Some SPS that I thought I lost is growing out of my live rock (truly amazing) so hopefully they can become colonies again one day. Most of my fish survived through the ordeal. I only lost chromis but I think they were just killing eachother and the last one somehow jumped. I lost my neon gobies but I think they died of old age because I had them for more than 3 years.

There were a few corals I lost that I am hoping to recover if they are still within the club. I remember placing 2 frags of the MARS lokani during one of the BAR only frag swaps. Does anyone still have this? I lost almost all of my montis except the sunset and superman encrusting monti and hoping to find frags of the setosa, jedi mind trick, rainbow, forest fire digi, and superman digi (sorry bee). I would be happy to pay or trade for them back if any is available in the SF area.

I hope everyone is doing well and we can catch up again.


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I grow orange setosa like it's a weed. I would be happy to give you some at a meeting. I also have some undata and verrucosa that I can give you frags of as well.

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your father, I know all too well how much that hurts as mine passed away Sept of 2000. Just keep focused on getting past that heavy wall of grieving and remember his memory will live in you forever my brother.

If your out my way or if I am making it to a meeting .......your welcome to frags of anything in my tank.

Take care of yourself



+1 on your loss Garvin....will say a good word for you. LMK if you are ever this way...I can hook you up with some frags.


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Sorry to hear about your father - I'm probably the closest in proximity and have some of the montis you mentioned. Things have been growing well and it's actually creating a problem with too much shade for the lower half of my tank...Just need a way to cut/break them cleanly. Will be in touch - Maybe this afternoon if you don't mind fresh/unmounted frags..I prefer this anyway


Hey Garvin. Sorry to hear about your loss, but very happy to see you back on track. If you need anything from my tank, just let me know.


Hey Garvin - Very sorry to hear about the loss of your dad. My condolensces to you and your family also. Sergio ( gotta love this guy - :) gave me a nice piece of setosa. I can frag for you and you can always pick up from Steph's. Can always frag you some sunset too. Hope to catch up with you in person some time soon. Take care - Doug


it was really nice seeing and talking with many of you at the last swap. i hope whoever picked up my "montipora" liked it. it's actually a sunset monti that i've had with me for years. i fragged it months ago and it was really colored up with orange and green. i picked up a branching hammer coral (no name on container) which has done nicely. there are a few babies on the branches already. also picked up a couple polyps of rasta polyps (thanks con). that's it, 2 frags. i'm sort of tired of sps lol.

i just finished a water change which i have not been keeping up lately; trying to do this once a month, but i think it's been 6 weeks.

left side

right side

sorry, they are pics from my camera. it's really not that blue.

fish list:
blue hippo tang
purple tang
yellow tang
2 clowns
2 neon gobies
six line wrasse
starry blenny

will need to change gfo and carbon when i get back this weekend. also 2 part is running low


when i rejoined BAR a few months ago, i stopped by here to look at my posts and was really sad about all of the changes over the years. i spoke with Con at the swap about it and came to the conclusion that if i dont put some updates, more years will pass. this tank has been up and running for close to 13 years and is now primarily LPS and softies (basically what has survived).

fish list:
yellow tang OG
saddleback clown pair OG
psuedochromis OG
six line wrasse
percula clown pair
sleeper banded goby

the goby came from the free table at the swap and my tank is super cloudy now but my sand looks white now. i need to purchase a canister filter to clear things up a bit.


i wanted to create a floating island for a frag i received from a friend. he was shutting down and gave me a tan colored sps on an ORA plug. i did some research and confirmed that it is the Kelly Green Psammocora. i bought some glue from our table at CFM and put this together. you can see this rock and coral in the tank shot above left of the overflow. i scraped off most of the coral from the plug and glued pieces all over the rock. there was a thread about propagating corals by microfragging. this is my non-controlled experiment.


Interesting; I have a few magnets and kind of want to do a similar thing but my concern is the weight of the rock. Magnets are from Koralia pumps; seem strong enough.


Mario, I was a little worried too. I chose a really porous rock, made a few good contact points, and let the glue cure over night. I’ll probably do one more when I decide on my next branching type of coral. What’s easy and colorful? Orange Digi? Pink birdsnest? Purple Stylo? Thanks!